Mission & Vision

Geneva lake region is home to many hightech companies and academic institutions in the multimedia and security domains.

GEDECE has been created with the mission to bridge academic research with an industrial focus, consolidating the research and development potential of the Geneva region and to satisfy the growing industrial demand. GEDECE is a private and non- profit organisation offering a partnership in R&D to industry and other institutions.

Purpose & Need

With the setup of a critical mass of people and possessing the cutting-edge know- how, GEDECE focuses on the generation and transfer of the latest and innovative technology in image processing, mobile imaging, multimedia and security.

Modern infrastructure and latest project management methods provide an efficient and fruitful working environment. Thus, GEDECE also offers a great perspective to young professionals and fresh PhDs to bring their ideas to life and create their own start-ups.


GEDECE focuses its activities in the domain of content identification and authentication of physical objects using image processing techniques. GEDECE collaborates with top level research institutions like the University of Geneva. The latter is a world leader in content fingerprinting, digital watermarking, alignment of complex image scenes, biometrics, document authentication – and other related scientific topics.

These scientific achievements offer great possibilities for brand new and cutting-edge applications, services and products in the growing market of image processing.

Collaboration & Membership

GEDECE offers a flexible collaboration and membership model to industry partners and other academic organizations with an annual membership fee. This enables the centre to work on research results in an early stage. Thus, a membership fee is not allocated to a specific project.

Members or member organizations benefit from privileged and first-hand information about latest technology. If interested, they have priority in product development and commercialization. In addition to that, the centre offers traditional project work on dedicated topics driven by industry partners.